We provide top-quality legal services that respect our clients’ tight deadlines, with particular emphasis on intelligible, precise, and clear advice. We are creative and always make special efforts to ensure that the solutions proposed by us help effectively develop and grow your business.

Life Sciences

Comprehensive legal services in the healthcare and pharma sector are our key specialization. Our services cover every conceivable situation you might encounter, from agreements for the performance of clinical trials and tests, to the production and distribution of medicinal products and medical devices, to issues related to pricing and reimbursement rules and advertising regulations. We also help you establish the proper categorization of your products in terms of their properties and composition (category management) and obtain the necessary official approvals. We work with external specialists to prepare technical documents and assess the conformity of medical devices or register medicinal products.

Food Law

We provide comprehensive legal services in the areas of food safety, promotion and market placement of all kinds of food, including supplements, infant formula, and foods for special medical purposes. We assist you in filing the relevant reports and obtaining licenses and approvals. We understand nutrition and health claims and the requirements of food information law in terms of the composition of food and the contents of package labels.

Public Contracts

In the field of public procurement, we offer comprehensive advisory services, ranging from an analysis of the contracting authority’s steps and measures, the evaluation of the tender documents, and drafting the material for submitting a bid in the tender procedure, to filling appeals against the actions of the contracting authority, including representation of the client before the Office for the Protection of Competition.

Labour Law

Whether you are in the role of an employee or of the employer, we offer you the full range of legal advisory services, including the drafting of all kinds of labour-law documents, including HR policies, and the resolution of the entire range of labour-law disputes.

Contract Register

We help our clients comply with the legal requirements under the Act on the Contract Register and the obligation to disclose agreements which come within its purview, in relation to specific practical issues (such as the provision of discounts and bonuses in the healthcare sector, risk-sharing agreements. etc.). A number of our clients appreciates our assistance with the mandatory entry into the UBO record (on the ultimate beneficial owners of domestic legal entities) and the governance requirements under the relevant laws.

Civil Law

We guide our clients through all situations regulated by the civil Code and other civil-law regulations. Whether it be the straightforward purchase of a car or transfer of a piece of real property or a complicated divorce with cross-border aspects – we are always prepared to offer you competent help and to represent you as your legal counsel.

Commercial Law

We cover the entire standard range of corporate affairs (such as founding, transforming, merging, or liquidating companies), including the design of business and distribution models, bonus schemes, and drafting of the pertinent agreements. We work closely with experienced accounting and tax advisors.

Dispute Resolution and Administrative Procedures

We have extensive experience in representing clients before courts and administrative authorities and in field audits and inspections. We always recommend the most effective solution for the client with a view to their business or their current life situation. We stand ready to assist you if supervisory authorities carry out an inspection at your organization or launch a procedure on an administrative offense or other administrative procedure, across all areas of law.

Law of Non-Profit Organizations

Working with the non-profit sector, or even getting personally involved, especially in civic associations and NPOs, plays an important role for many of our clients. This is another area of law in which we can draw on extensive experience; we are thus ready to provide the full range of support, from forming such organizations, to enacting changes to their charter, making entries in or lodging documents with the register of associations, ensuring compliance with UBO rules, and, last but not least, dissolving the organization and settling its accounts and obligations.

Data Protection and Privacy Law

We have a large team specializing in the area of personal data processing, providing comprehensive legal advice from the analysis of governing the processing of personal data. We provide comprehensive legal services including the review and drafting of basic policies and documents as needed for the proper implementation of data processing procedures. We take a broad view of data protection and privacy which encompasses a broad scope of business and commercial relations, including telecommunications, marketing, the provision of healthcare, and clinical trials. 

Advertising, Media, and Film Law

We provide the full range of services from assistance in the negotiation of contracts and advise related to the creation of advertising campaigns or stand-alone material, services to film producers, music promoters, performers, and publishers, to representation in litigation and other disputes. We understand the language of marketing and are familiar with trends in the industry. We will assist you effectively, no matter whether you are working on an advertisement flyer or on a long-term social media campaign. Thanks to our intimate knowledge of advertising regulations (including specialist fields such as medicinal products, medical devices, food products, and cosmetics) and our hands-on experience with the application of these regulations, we will always be able to advise and assist both with respect to the overall campaign concept and the wording of advertising copy.

Misdemeanours and Criminal Law

We provide legal counselling and representation in all stages of proceedings related to minor offenses as well as criminal offenses, from inspections and investigations to representation of our client before administrative and criminal courts. We take pride in our comprehensive knowledge and experience in the field of criminal law, which we have been developing in part through ex offo representations and through our pro bono work.

IT Law and Cybersecurity

In this area of law, we focus in particular on the set-up of internal procedures, the conclusion of online contracts, liability for online content, and the protection of internet domains. IT law and cybersecurity are closely related to privacy and personal data protection and the protection of intellectual property – other areas in which we actively engaged, thanks to which our proposals always capture the relevant substance of each matter.

Personality Protection and Protection from Unfair Competition

We help clients who have been infringed in their personality rights or affected by unfair competition. We take pride in suggesting realistic solutions to our clients in these highly sensitive matters, based on our extensive practical experience.

Intellectual Property Law

We provide comprehensive legal services in the area of intellectual property law, and in particular copyright and trademark law. This includes, among other things, the drafting of licensing agreements, agreements on the creation of an original work or artistic performances or other copyrightable intangible assets. We represent clients in trademark registration and in opposition proceedings and other proceedings before the Office of Industrial Property, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).