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Our specializations

We are a long-established law office serving the Czech market since 2006. Since the beginning, our services have focused on the following areas:

Life Sciences

  • Medicinal products (human and veterinary)
  • Medical devices
  • Healthcare services
  • Public medical insurance
  • Medical cannabis
  • Plant protection products
  • Cosmetics and biocides

Life sciences are our key specialization. All of our services in this area are available on a full-service basis, including an all-inclusive range of legal services in other related areas.

We provide comprehensive strategic consulting services for the healthcare sector and the pharmaceutical industry. Our services include consulting for regulatory issues concerning medicinal products and medical devices (including clinical trials and tests, the registration of medicinal products, and the notification of medical devices), the placement of medicinal products and medical devices on the market (including pharmacovigilance), distribution (including analyses of prospective distribution models and recommendations for an optimal distribution model in consideration of specific circumstances), regulatory issues pertaining to prices and reimbursements (including agreements with medical insurance companies, sales bonuses, and discounts), and marketing services (assessment of the conformity of advertising materials, campaigns, and events to legal requirements). In addition, our services include consulting relating to internal compliance and the creation of internal work processes and directives, assistance with the protection of personal data, and all related contractual arrangements. We also offer consulting for economic competition issues, the award of public contracts in particular. In providing all-inclusive services, we rely on close partnerships with leading tax consultants and experts specialising in healthcare and pharmacology, including pharmacoeconomics, market access, and health services. We have extensive experience with representing clients in litigations and administrative proceedings relating to our area of expertise.

No less importantly, we provide consulting for cosmetics, where we specialize in the placement of cosmetics on the market (notification, labelling), and subsequent distribution (translation, labelling, cosmetovigilance requirements) and advertising (assessment of advertising presentations and advertising materials).

Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, we also provide consulting for plant protection and biocidal products, including requirements for their placement on the market, labelling, marketing, and the like. 

Our clients include prominent pharmaceutical companies, producers and distributors of medicinal products, medical devices, and cosmetics, and providers of healthcare and pharmacy services.

We publish a free newsletter for our clients, which contains information on current legislative developments. We organize working breakfasts and webinars that always focus on a specific current topic. We provide clients with customized in-house training programs. Where required, we arrange the translation of technical texts.

We also specialize in issues relating to medical cannabis and provide legal counselling regarding the placement of medical cannabis on the Czech market, including reimbursement issues and licensing requirements.

No less important is to emphasize that our specialization in life sciences includes various aspects of medical law. Our services include counselling and representation in disputes between patients and healthcare providers. In this area, we offer clients all-inclusive legal counselling and representation in communication with the counterparty and, where applicable, in litigations concerning claims for damages.

Food Law

  • Food supplements
  • Food for special medical purposes
  • Infant formulae and follow-on formulae
  • Food

We provide a comprehensive range of legal services to food business operators. Likewise, we specialize in food safety and related issues. We have many years of experience with consulting for the market placement of food supplements and infant formulae. We offer strategic services for the market placement of foods for special medical purposes (FSMP), including reimbursements where applicable.

We prepare legal analyses of proposals for the labelling of individual foods and for related marketing activities. We represent clients during official inspections and proceedings before supervisory authorities.

We monitor legislative developments and distribute newsletters to our clients, which contain overviews of the constantly evolving food laws. We organize training and in-house seminars based on clients' needs.

Our clients include leading producers and distributors of foods, food supplements, and foods for special purposes.

Public Contracts

In the area of public procurement, we offer all-inclusive consulting ranging from analysing the pertinent legal framework applicable to the specific situation, a critical evaluation of the content of the tender documents, to filing requests with the Office for the Protection of Competition for reviews of actions taken by contracting entities. Our services include requests for the clarification of tender documents, templates, and background data, objections to contracting terms or actions taken by contracting entities, and issues pertaining to the preparation of bids. In addition, we represent clients in proceedings pertaining to registration on the list of qualified suppliers.

Labour Law

Our law office offers all-inclusive services in the field of labour law with regard to both disputes and contractual matters.

Our clients can take advantage of experience we have gained in representing employers and employees in legal disputes (employment termination disputes, disputes relating to non-competition clauses). Likewise, we offer legal counselling focused on employment-related contractual arrangements, internal regulations, internal processes, restructuring, and much more. Where required, we represent our clients during inspections and subsequent proceedings before supervisory authorities.

We distribute a free newsletter containing information on current labour law developments. In addition, we organize training events and webinars focused on current issues. Where required, we create in-house training programs customized to clients' needs.

Media, Advertising, and Entertainment Law

We provide all-inclusive legal services for advertising and the media, which includes assistance with negotiating contracts between film producers, advertising firms, publishers, and other entities that acquire rights and authors, actors, models, and other holders of rights. 

In this area, we provide counselling in negotiations with key organizations on the media market, such as collecting societies (OSA, DILIA, Intergram, and others), the Czech Film Fund, the Czech Advertising Standards Council, and the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting as well as special supervisory institutions, such as the State Institute for Drug Control and the Office for Personal Data Protection.

We represent clients in the exercise of their legal rights in the foregoing areas, both in litigations and through negotiating out-of-court settlements.

Personal Data Protection

Our law office's assets includes a large team of personal data processing experts who publish articles, deliver lectures, and conduct various activities as members of working groups and professional associations specialising in this area.

Our experts have been providing counselling since as early as 2000, the year when regulation in this area was originally introduced. They also specialize in information society services, including regulation of the distribution of commercial messages and privacy protection in electronic communication. Our expertise includes personal data processing, legal aspects of creating and using personal data databases, and regulatory issues pertaining to contacting potential, existing, and former customers and other third parties.

Likewise, we provide strategic consulting for the preparation of projects in such areas as marketing, PR, and other activities that are contingent on the use of personal data in all forms. No less importantly, we specialize in the regulation of social networks, the use of cookies, remarketing, and other tools used in communicated with the general public in a personalized manner.

Our comprehensive services include assistance with ensuring internal compliance, conducting audits, creating internal work processes and directives, and preparing and delivering training programs required based on the specific needs of individual clients. We provide legal assistance relating to risk assessment, data protection impact assessment (DPIA), balancing tests, and the representation of clients in proceedings before the Office for Personal Data Protection. Likewise, we provide comprehensive legal support to our clients who have the status of data protection officers (DPO).

Criminal Law

  • Misdemeanour Offences: All legal services and product segments that constitute our specialization include legal counselling for administrative proceedings pertaining to minor offences and related penalties.
  • Felony Offences: We represent clients in criminal proceedings, regardless of whether they are in the position of claimant and defendant.

Agreement Register

We assist clients in the application of the requirements arising under the Agreement Register Act to disclose certain agreements in relation to specific practical issues, such as the provision of discounts and bonuses in the healthcare sector.

IT Law and Cybersecurity

As the information technology sector continues to grow, so does our focus on consulting services in this field. Most of our services in this area involve contractual arrangements and assessments pertaining to the impact of regulatory requirements on software development and deployment, the definition the terms of partnerships with providers of IT solutions, the online entry into contract, and electronic signatures. In addition, we handle matters relating to liability for online content and Internet domain protection.

The growing severity and sophistication of cyberattacks is increasingly reflected in cybersecurity regulations and requirements for the legal and physical security and integrity of personal data and confidential information. Our services in the area of personal data protection frequently include advice regarding the assessment and compliance with regulatory requirements for cybersecurity and the security of electronic communications.     

Intellectual Property Law

We provide all-inclusive legal services for intellectual property rights, copyrights and trademark rights in particular. Our services include preparing licensing agreements, contracts for the creation of copyrighted works, artistic performance contracts, and agreements pertaining to other protected intangible assets. Likewise, we provide legal assistance with exercising and protecting intellectual property rights, both through litigation and out-of-court settlements.

We represent clients in trademark registration as well as in opposition and other proceedings before the Office of Industrial Property, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Personality Protection and Protection from Unfair Competition

We represent clients in making general claims involving personality protection, such as defamation or misuse of name or likeness, and unfair competition in the marketplace (free-riding on the reputation of a brand or product, inciting the likelihood of confusion relating to products and services of different competitors, and the like).

Civil Law

We assist clients with the entire spectrum of situations regulated by the Civil Code and other civil law regulations. Our services cover all types of contracts, purchase agreements, matters relating to real estate purchases, escrow transactions, establishment of in rem rights, and lease and sublease contracts. Another important area of our services in the civil law domain is third-party liability.

Services in this area include representation in legal claims for contractual commitments, supply rendered without legal title, matters related to miscellaneous commitments, unlawful actions, and settlement of legal disputes. In addition, we provide counselling and representation in disputes concerning liability for losses caused by maladministration or wrongful exercise of public authority.

Commercial Law

We provide legal services for status-related corporate affairs, such as the establishment, changes, and winding up of corporations, including mergers and other transformations, and defining and performing contractual arrangements in this area (including the definition of business models for the relationship between parent companies and subsidiaries in the Czech Republic in all business segments, including the pharmaceutical sector).

Settlement of Disputes

We have extensive experience with representing clients in various types of disputes, particularly matters concerning civil, labour, and commercial law. Our services are available for negotiations aimed at preventing imminent litigation as well as for court and arbitration proceedings. We always recommend the most effective solution, both from the practical viewpoint of resolving the problem and from the viewpoint of costs involved.


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